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15 common customer service interview questions and answers

15 + common customer service interview questions and answers

These days every company wants to put themselves in front of any kind of competition, whether it is customer service or any kind of product service. If you people looking for a career in customer service roles then first you should aware of the profile of the company is that product based or services based company?

 Most of the companies have a good number of customers because of their excellent customer service or they don't want to lose their customers on any coast. Basis of any company profile you could guess if you want a job in customer services then you should strong in your skills, confidence, and a good way of handling any customer whether it is in your professional work or any small industry.

If any customer is not satisfied by the first level of service resolution, then most of the company has have formed their level wise department people to handle escalated concern to provide the satisfactory resolution, services towards their raised query, request, and compliant. So, here you could ask the question yourself if you want to work on the first level or senior level of customer service. And accordingly, you could start preparing for it.  Employers need good young people for customer service who exposure and good communication skills.

At the time of the interview, employer focus on your answer or they will ask you some situational question how do you handle the customers in any situation and how do you react and how you will take care of customer needs or not and how to provide helpful, and how you could provide high-quality services to the customer as per their requirements. Here we mentioned 15+ common interview questions and answers to customer services and it would help you at the time of the interview.

Q. What is your opinion on customer service?

You should answer- It is the type of service which is given by every company or we can say that the provided by every company to their respective customer to resolve the raised issue it can be of different types it could be Email, chat or any voice process. The roles and responsibility here to listen to the problems of the customer and shortlist or we can see that to work on it.

Q. For you how successes look like in your previous job role?

Answer- In my previous first job, we were in an Email process and where I got good written communication skills now I am working in a telephonic voice process which is very much good for me and it is a success for me.

Q.  According to you what is customer Satisfaction means?

IF you are experienced then the answer to this question are more easy for you or you may say - Every business depends on the quality and the services provided to the customers. For this, you could clear about customer needs and customer issues.

Q. In case you can’t understand the customer? How will you handle this?

Answer - If I am in customer service, my duty to understand the customer. I can handle customers which I didn't understand I just take a certain amount of time and ask my seniors regarding his problem and take help from my senior.

Q. In the situation when your coworker is behaving rudely with you then what you would do?

Answer- First, you should try to calm yourself then need to talk about the problems faced by the customers with the company terms and conditions of the company and give warning to the coworkers that if you will do this type of things then it will not good for you.

Q. Tell me about the typical day in a Customer Service life?

Answer -  Here you talk about the daily activities of the customer service a) How to answer phone calls b) How to resolve customer issues c) Providing customer service with relevant information

Q. How you ask feedback from the customer?

Answer- After giving the service we just say thank you so much for staying with us and asking about the feedback that how would they like our service and we tell them to keep connecting with me and my company.

Q. According to you tell me your personal career goals?

Answer- I want to see myself in a senior profile that's why I am working as a customer service and my goal is to achieve good roles and responsibility in your company. And I ready to use my additional skills.

Q. How can you utilize customer feedback to ensure your business skills?

Answer- This question is asked by the interviewer because they want to know how do you develop and improve your sales process skills after getting the customer's feedback.

Q. Tell me the names of the tools you know about customer services?

Answer- Here we provide the proper customer service tools like Email, social media, Customer Relationship Management tools, Dialer, and live Email chat solutions.

Q. What is your opinion? Are you ready for 24 by 7 Job?

If you are comfortable to work any shift time interval hour you should give a proper answer to it.

Sample of the answer to this question - Yes, I know that the customer service job is demanding regarding the working hours it's not general shift work. I am ready to work at any time of the day which the company offers me.

Q. Tell me about the time how you have your previous company to increase its revenues?

Answer - Here we also say that the employee of a company does not work for his benefit but they work for the benefit of the company also. They achieve their targets making a customer happy e with the product and the services. In my previous company, I provide a job for the customers.

 Q. How can you handle if have you rewrite the wrong information provided by you?

Answer- When I provide the wrong information to the customer then I just take a few hours and collect the right information and after giving apologizes from my side I just rewrite the concern response.

Q. Tell me about the experiences with irritating customers. How did you handle it?

You may answer - I have talked to many of the customers who are very much irritating at the time of call but I know how to handle them I just talk them in a polite manner and just ensure them that we will work on the issue and trying to shot out there problem spontaneously. So this is the method of how I deal with irritating customers.

Q. Do you have any previous customer service experience?

When you are experienced you have to tell the previous experience did you have in your previous company and you can also explain to hear how you were handled different types of the customer at the time. This factor will help you to get selected in the interview. Also, you need to provide your basic etiquette for the handling of the customer with respect to your used tools.

Q. In your life what motivates you in your career?

You may answer - Actually I want to make my career in this only because I love to handle the customer as well as the client and my elder brother is also in customer service which motivates me a lot. Here I can reach my set of career goals.

Q.  What will you prefer to prioritize tasks while arrangement your work?

Answer - Help of time management skills you can handle the different types of customers as well as the current at a time and it is the important factor by which you get selected in the interview. Time management skills will help in this to resolve customer queries within TAT.

Q. What you know about the goods customer services or great customer service?

Answer- In great customer service we have to provide something more to the customer and in the good customer services we are only offering to the customer which product they are looking for.

Q. Why did you choose the customer service profile?

Answer – As I know I have ability and fully accomplished with customer services skills so  I want to work with the customer services because I love to deal with the customers and really enjoy interaction with the new people and also find the problem of the questions asking by the customers then I always get good feeling to solving customer service and to delight them.


From this article we have concluded that customer service is very much important for the company. So we have covered here the entire important interview questions for beginners and for the advanced customer services interview question also which will help you to crack the interview. Customer service interview question is based on skills and the management also that how to take in managing the multiple numbers of the customer at a time. I hope this article will help you a lot at the time of the interview.


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