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Describe Who You Are Your Answer

Describe Who You Are? - Your Answer

 Whenever you go for an interview process steps that time the first and general question the interviewer always asks you which is -Tell me about yourself? Or describe yourself? Even if you people know you have the ability to crack your first question of - Tell me about self? Or you are feeling it is very simple? Then it could be also a wrong perception in your mind. And you should not take it a way of the short or simple question for and it is not just your name or education introduction. For asking such a question the employer is not interested in your simple conversation at the time of the interview.

So how would you describe yourself? Most of the fresher or experienced people are majorly doing know how to respond to the discussion because they haven't all set themselves or they are not much confident about this kind of question. Also, they don't know the flow of giving answer steps on how to describe their behavior in a very little word.

  • You should remember, whenever the interviewer would ask - tell me about you, it means they want to know the description or information about you what kind of additional qualities, strengths, achievements, strong skills you have. You should try to convince your interviewer person and take the chance from them for the next interview process of the round. You should always try to show your excitement for your work. And need to show the interviewer while telling about you, you are different from among interview your competitor people. Whomever employer only they like people who are the most faithful and very good towards their work along with a positive attitude.

Always you people should use an appropriate list of words to describe yourself so, that it would help you to show your good impression while describing yourself in face to face round of process steps. Such, as words like very optimistic, good in team handler, always open-minded, strong analytical skills, always with innovative ideas, towards committed to my work, creative thinker, ready to learn new things, good ambitious thought, always work in way of self-motivated mode, etc.

How Would You Describe Yourself?

Here are some examples of how to describe yourself.

Sample Answer - I am a very positive thinker person and always ready to take any kind of responsibility during my work and I never feel myself under pressure with the multitasking tasks. And I always carry my optimistic think in my mind. I have a quality of problem-solving skills.

Sample Answer - I am good at leadership person. I always work with my team members along with the set of goal achievement types and use the perfect plan of action (POA) execution flow to avoid failure situations. I am a good situation organizer.

Sample Answer - I always keep my vision for success. If I would get the opportunity with your organization then definitely I will prove myself dedicated towards my work and my vision would be clear to achieve a successful position in my profile.

Sample Answer - I am very curious to learn new things. I recently completed my management training and learn the most of workflow structure in the operation department. And for the position I have applied which is for the operation part. It is very beneficial to me. I have a curiosity for learning new more things.

Sample Answer - I am very good at organized. In my work, I always follow proper management skills and never disappoint to my client. And to achieve successful work within TAT I keep my micro-management work strong and always take follow-ups in between team members. To avoid the situation of failed.

Describe Yourself Professionally

 You can describe yourself professionally in the following ways

 Sample Answer - I am very passionate about my work and I always motivate from my work only. At the time of work, I always give my level best and use my skills in my work. I also keep myself in advance to learn new things that would help to get development in my work in a very smooth way.

Sample Answer - I am very good in goal-oriented objectives. In my professional work, I always carry a goal-oriented trend and set a goal to get achieve and work dedicatedly. I never take any disturbances or into involving other work in between my till the time I close my set goal-oriented objective work.

Sample Answer - I am an open-minded person. My nature is in open-minded person, and I always keep myself open-minded suggestions, also I never do one-way communication listen and understand the other person's perspective, also support other person's ideas. In my team leader profile work it would help me to get better understanding towards team members as well.

Sample Answer - I am a very smart worker person. I always carry my smart work activity in between work but before doing smart work first I complete my hard work in my work because as in my opinion we cannot do smart work without hard work. But I always use my only smart work skills. If give me a chance, I can show the same on the job

Sample Answer - I am good at Problem-solving. I always use my problem-solving skills when I get stuck in any situation. With the help of problem-solver skills, I always go at the point of the problem and fix it very effective way with the basis of the fact of the situation.

Sample Answer - I always keep myself self highly motivated situation and never give up in my life. My highest qualification is a computer science engineer and during my education, I have worked on many application projects where I found the situation of failed and winning also during the work. I learn to keep myself motivated from those situations because in life we should overcome and we never give up. I need to keep self-motivated.

Sample Answer - I am a very flexible person. In my work routine, I always keep myself very flexible. For example if due to some certain issue if my work not completed then that time I always work more than office hours and never leave office without completing the task. Having flexible work always plays an important factor.

We should aware if any interviewer asks you to describe your personality, then you should describe yourself in a single word. You may also, describe yourself in three words which will be the best answer as the interviewer might get to know various personality traits of yours. If you are using dating sites then at that time there are particular columns where you have to fill describe yourself in one word. So the question arises on how to describe yourself to a guy or how to describe yourself to a girl. The interviewer also asks you the question to describe yourself then you should keep ready to describe yourself in 5 words which will best suit the job profile as well as your personality. You can also describe yourself in one sentence with examples as the employer will get to know in brief through the examples related to your experience.


In this article, we have provided guidelines on how to answer the question describe yourself. What the interviewer is expecting from you. You should prepare for such type of questions that might be asked in an interview. We have provided sample answers to the question of describing yourself in a single word.

You must also know the position you are applying for and the skills required for the particular position and you must describe yourself according to that suitable job profile. You must take into account that your answer should not be a lengthy one. It should be short and simple.


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