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Describe your ideal manager

Describe Your Ideal Manager - How to Answer This in Interview

In this article, we will see some insight on asked interview questions by an employer - describe something about your Ideal Manager, before starting on this article let's have talk Manager designation, a manager is the person who is responsible for supervising or who manage the organization or group of employees of the company. Or we can say he is a concern person whom you take into consideration in terms of their skill in controlling resources.

Managers can be in charge of a department and the people who work in it. However, in some circumstances, the manager is in charge of the entire company.

Why do interviewers ask this question?

Let’s have talked, when you go for the interview in any company for any post, sometimes hiring executive to ask the question like, “Describe your best boss” OR “How would you describe the ideal manager?”

As a part of the interview, the Hiring executive maybe wants to know how you will answer to management if you are employed. They'll try to find out whether you have any concern with the company, so your Hiring Manager may ask questions “what kind of manager do you want to be” or “what management style do you prefer” in an order to find out how good you will work in the company's management structure. Even the hiring manager may be looking for understanding into your leadership method to see.

Even if you have great previous experience with the manager, answering this question can be honest.  It can help to have a steady map going in for what you want to say and what not to say.

The reason behind asking this question is the interviewer or hiring manager concerned about hiring any individual who coordinates well with the team’s management approach.

 How to prepare an answer - Describe your best boss

Here we will discuss some tips on preparing this answer,

  • We should not use words like “always” and “never” in the interview when we are describing an ideal boss, administrator, or manager. Because it tells something wrong perception thinking we have towards the organization.
  • We should very honest tell about previous jobs to show how you have worked well with the previous managers and administrators.
  • Before answering we should first think a few seconds about describing your "Ideal boss" on “describe your best boss ", and while answering this it should not very long.
  • We need to give answer them directly and catch the exact point of what they are asking, and you can give an example which will help to show your thought process towards the organization.
  • Always try to give a clear, short, to the point answer. Try to keep your mind positive and encouraging.
  • Never give a negatively answer. If we come to pass to have one or two previous managers or bosses that you did not take pleasure in working under them, this is not the information that you have to tell in your interview answer.

Example answers for - Describe your ideal manager

Below are some examples of How to Answer “How Do You Like to Be Managed?” It will help you prepare your own remarkable and outstanding answer.

  • I like working under a manager who provides me the capability to make decisions and who have trust in my work. I try to familiarize myself with the organization and adjust my work to put in importance to anything method of company.
  • We can give an answer like - the beginning of my career, I had a guide who helped me in every point of my work, and even we staying in touch. I have really learned greatly from each manager I have had.
  • My excellent boss was a manager who helped me a lot with extra responsibility, at the time of new initiatives.
  • If you ask me about “what are the main characteristics of the Ideal Manager” then I would say, her/his way of communication, experience, Time management, knowledge related to that filed is the main characteristics of the ideal manager.
  • I have learned more from my previous management manager. I always for all time been a planned person, and I learned from him new and different ways in my department which were very helpful to strengthen my administration intelligently.
  • My best boss was a person who put such a great example for her employees that she motivated and encouraged people to work harder and strong. She was always positive.
  • My best manager, who taught me better regarding how to use analytics to surround my business development plan of action for clients in my region,
  • My favorite manager was a very self-motivated and energetic speaker. He taught me how to manage an opportunity and become a successful person.

Impress Interviewer with your answer

In order to achieve your Job in your desire company, your answers should be impressive and positive with a good attitude. Below are points that you can keep in mind while giving answers through which you can impress your interviewer or hiring manager.

  • First understand the job for you are giving the interview before giving the answer, and try to guess what and how much organization and the manager will be expecting that you will require.
  • Tell the hiring manager about your experience that how you have done well with a different manager’s technique in your past.
  • Keep to ready some examples ready in your mind that how you have been energetic, active, aggressive with various types of managers.
  • Never tell any complaints of the previous employees, might have your current employer manager will have a concern on you.
  • When a hiring manager asks you to describe your least favorite boss or worst manager, concentrate on how you were still done well and successful in this atmosphere and highlight what you look for in a manager instead of the qualities you do not like.
  • Do not tell or mention that you have impractical expectations for some exceptional manager or that you will really need this job. The short, less, to the point you say, you can make your answer impressive.
  • Do not complain about your past managers and look for a boss from far at a distance.

In conclusion, every candidate should be careful in the interview. Answering the question like, “Describe your ideal boss” positively and confidently will help to get your job too. We should take care before complaining about our previous managers, how it impacts our career.

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