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Five Things Never to Say in a Job Interview

Five Things to Never Say in a Job Interview

Interviews are meant to see if the candidate has the potential to work in the company. From the candidate’s point of view, he/she has to come across the interviewer i.e. the HR of the company and make him/her believe that he is a suitable candidate for a particular job than the other candidates.

So while giving an interview, we should be careful about all the things that we speak in front of the interviewer as our first impression decides a lot of things and we if say even a single statement that is wrong or incorrect according to the interviewer, the chances of getting rejected increases.

No matter how good we were at our last job, if we create even a slightest wrong impression in front of the interviewer, he might not consider our profile as he will go with the things he is experiencing in person with you rather than the experience written in the resume.

So we should be very careful about every single statement we make as it may have good and bad consequences. Here are some things that should be taken care of while giving an interview.

Firstly we should never mention that we are nervous, as it will affect our attitude. The interviewer might think why do I hire a candidate who lacks confidence. So we should always be confident and never tell the interviewer that we are nervous even if we are.

Secondly, if the interviewer asks if you have any questions to ask, never say ‘no, I don’t have any questions’. We should always be prepared with a list of questions to be asked because if we don’t ask any questions the interviewer might think that we are not interested.

Next, If the interviewer asks you any question, never say that it is there on the resume as he is not interested in the written part, he wants to check your communication skills, your personality. Never say that you really need this job.

The interviewer might think that you are very desperate and might do any kind of job. So we should be careful in what way are we communicating. Always try to be polite, calm, professional and confident while you are talking to the interviewer as your words decide who you are.

Important Interview Attributes are very important which every candidate must ensure during the pre and post of any interview process as it will enhance his / Her chances of selection during the Interview Process so Please find the.

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Below Mentioned Things You Should not Say in Interview Process :

1) Failing to prepare

It's important to study detailed information about the company where you were applying, so you are ready to talk about how your skills are a good fit for a particular job. It really shows your passion for the specific role and the company.

2) Wearing the wrong outfit

Show to your interview looking too informal and you may make a bad impression before introducing yourself.

3) Using your cell phone

Before you go into the interview room, turn off your devices and store them outside.

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4) Getting too personal

    Using a friendly tone is nice, but it's important not to cross a line by sharing too much personal information. Remember, you never know how the person sitting across from you will react to a story about your weekend antics. You only get limited time with the interviewer, so stay focused on your professional accomplishments and the company's needs.

5) Lying

This is always a bad idea. When the company discovers the truth, you'll be immediately disqualified from this job and likely all future opportunities.

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