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Get ready for third job interview with this complete guide sheet

Get Ready for Third Job Interview with This Complete Guide Sheet

In this article, we will see how to get ready for the third round of interviews, as we know Interview is the mirror of you. In a person, we can’t see everything hence the reason the interviewer conducts three and more rounds of interview. Only your knowledge and your certificate do not consider for an interview. What additional skills, knowledge do you have except your qualification that is also matter?

Why recruiters conduct so many interviews?

Let’s talk about why the recruiter conducts many interview rounds, here is one big question is always arise on everyone's mind, why they interviewer ask so many questions or why they take many rounds. Because in one person you can’t see 100 percent, you can see only 1 percent that is the CV/resume and that person’s certificate. Rather the CV/resume so many things matter.

This below mention query comes in an interviewer's mind.

  • That candidate is good for my company or not.
  • That person gives level best from that side or not.
  • What type of attitude a person has?
  • That person will work with my company in the long term or not.

Hence the reasons they are conduct so many interviews. So, always prepare for every obstacle then you can do your best regarding problems. In every organization, the interview process differs.

Here we are describing a few steps rounds for the interview process.

Written - The meaning of the written is that all aptitude and reasoning questions. That judges your analytical skill and your knowledge. It helps a lot to crack an interview. It might be part of an interview or not, it depends upon the company.

Group Discussion - The meaning of group discussion is that how you are communicating in a group. It matters a lot to know about the candidate is a team player or not. If you are not a team player then it will be harmful to your hiring process.

Personal Interview - Now, come to our topic. This topic related to this point. Hence, we will focus on this point. This all is your soft skill or interpersonal skill.

If you will qualify this obstacle then your hiring chances will be higher. I hope I will give all the answers according to your query. Then you will able to implement all those things in your interview.

What to expect after the third interview with VP or recruiter?

You just think that on your third interview you will finally higher now. But, this is not possible. Here the small twist is there. If you are in the third round then you should be more alert. This could be HR round or Managerial round.  This is the most difficult round than the other round.

Here you are convincing the recruiter to higher you. If you are answering casually then it put it you in trouble. In this round, you should be conscious of yourself. How you will answer to the point and logically. It will be beneficial for you. What to expect after the third interview. You should expect all those things. That can be happened with you or not, that given above.  So, always try to attentive to this interview.

How to prepare for the third job interview?

There are many processes or preparation way to crack the third interview.

Let’s talk on different skills that will really help you,

These all are key elements responsible for your selection process and for the rejection process. Here I will describe one by one. So, you can understand very easily.

Behavior - In front of the interviewer or recruiter your behavior should be nice. That depends upon your gesture and posture.  If you’re your gesture and posture is good that gives a good impact upon you. Then your hiring chances might be increases.

Knowledge - The meaning of knowledge is that regarding your book and also out of the interview.

Personality - Your personality should be attractive to everyone. It is nothing but it defines you. Personality is a mirror of you.

Communication - In communication there are two types let’s talk on,

In verbal communication is defining your writing skills and non-verbal communication is defined your spoken English skills.

Non-verbal communication is more effective than verbal communication. So, always try to good in Non-verbal communication.

Attitude - The meaning of attitude is – a positive sign of your personality. It good for some point but if you show more than that then you can put into trouble.

Leadership Quality - The leadership is that the work is first done by the leader. That person good in motivational skills then that person can be a good leader.

Managerial skill - The work done by others that person is call manager. You should have the power of a good manager then all employees listen to you.

Organizational skill - The organizational skill is that all skill that needs to survive in an organization.

Interpersonal skill - The interpersonal skill is that combination of all skills which will help you achieve your goal.

In the third interview how many candidates will come no matter? If your all skills are good then you can do best on yourself.

Third round interview question and answer

In the third round it can be your HR round or Managerial round, let’s have some discussion on this. Third round interview question and answers are

Open question - This question related to your CV.

For example- Something tells about you?

Answer - The answer should be effective. Like- my name is ABC. I am from the city name and   I have good communication skills and organizational skills. Thank you!

Your answer should be short and effective.

Question - Why you are looking job in this company?

Answer - I want to join this company because this company gives a good opportunity for me and this is good for my career. I will give my level best for your company.

Question - Why you are choosing the M.B.A profile, not any other profile?

Answer - I am chosen ABC profile because this profile helps me get a good career in my life. This is the best profile for me. I can give my 100 percent. In the future, this profile will never down in the market.  

Closed question - The meaning of the closed questions is related to your marks or your qualification.

For example - Why your mark is so less in 12th?

Answer - The answer should be logical. Sir, that time I don’t know about the value of education. Because of my bad mark, I am learning education about why so much important. After that my learning skill is improving and my mark is increased after this failure.

Hypothetical question - The hypothetical question is that it is all about the imaginary questions. That question is not true but the interviewer asking to know about your positive attitude.

For example- If you will get 1cr money then you will come for the interview or not?

Answer - This answer should be effective. Sir, if I will get 1cr money then I will save in my account then I will come for an interview because money is temporary but knowledge and experience not temporary. It always with me, in my all situation. It helps me a lot.

These are all questions regarding an interview. I hope you get knowledge from these points.

Now, I am describing a third interview phone call.

A phone call is the short interview process to know about that person who is interested in your company. If that person qualifies a phone call interview then that person qualifies for the next level.

This round is conducted by HR.

Here I am describing the third interview job offer.

This interview so closed to achieve a goal on your lie. Here you can know about your salary and in which position you will work. Here, you can get a job offer.

How to chase the third interview?

  • The answer should be logical.
  • Your answer should be effective.
  • There is no filler problem during your interview.
  • Always show a positive attitude towards everyone.
  • Never talk about unnecessary things.
  • Always your point should be sweet and simple.

Now, I want to describe the third interview with the CEO.

If your interview is taken by the CEO (chief executive officer) then always give your level best on your interview. Because the CEO is the highest post and that person is intelligent also. Always give answers properly and ineffective way.

How you will give the 3rd interview with VP.

The last round conducts the interview with the VP department because that candidate is serious for your company or not. That person is good for your company or not. So, the VP department conducts an interview. This is held to know about the candidate is strong or not.


Now, I want to conclude this topic. I hope above mentioned details for this interview round will help you at the time of the interview. You will implement your interview.

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