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Group Discussion Topics on Economics and Business with Answers

Group Discussion Topics on Economics and Business with Answers

If we talk about economics and business then it is too important for every country to generate an association between the public and private areas, and the help of economy we could measure the stability of our country, and that is very important for enlargement, and it also helps to improve benefit circumstances. As there are the major important details of business and economics and their lot of benefits that we could get major benefits from are to get organizing, for better arrangement, for controlling forecasting conditions and helpful for to get know outside country environment, etc.

If you are preparing for the interview, and don’t know about the Group Discussion (GD) process step. Why the GD is part of the interview process round? What actual employer wants to know from you? And why GD is more beneficial from the point of the employer for them. You people should not worry if in your mind the question is arising why I should do GD round.

We have written this article to give you tips that would help to know about the details Group discussion and how you could prepare yourself for Group discussion interview round and what are those ways you could show your confidence during an interview in the Group discussion process.

What is Group Discussion?

The Group discussion interview process wherefrom five to ten or more than people participants. And GD starts with the topic between all group members. After the given topic, the interviewer first gives two to five minutes to prepare themself on the respective topic. Once you finish with preparation time then they tell you, everyone, to speak on given GD topic at least fifteen to twenty minutes or here they try to analyze your communication and your opinion in between GD wherefrom face to face situation. During Group discussion round like always try to keep yourself in front of everyone even if you are in against or favor of the given topic.

During the time of the interview, the employer tries to understand your interpersonal and communication skills and also check your ability to work with the players and identify with the approach it helps to select people for the right position. In the GD process round if you will actively perform the or in overall GD time and if you will speak enough time then it is a very positive result for you. However, the hiring manager is sitting with you always to judge your communication, leadership, updated knowledge, and listening skills. In the group discussion, the most important part for you to understand the given subject more deeply and it improves your potential and significant thinking it also helps to solve the difficulty.

Below are the mentioned skills that are important you should know for the Group discussion.

  • Check your communication skills - Whenever you speak in GD you should be very confident in your voice during communication, and you should do express your thought about the related topic information in-between groups of people. Your body language always tells a lot about your communication. So do not react immediately first need to understand the topic.
  • Need to show your leadership quality – During the time of the interview, you should try to show your leadership quality skills with the help of taking the initiative first in GD and always try to speak in a unique though way which is different members are hop to have different views.
  • Show your problem-solving skills - Whenever you will be in the group discussion process at that time there is brainstorming of assorted thoughts and due to that, the problems get solved without difficulty as the ideas get implement simply. So, you should always use such skills at the time of the interview process steps.
  • You should have good listening skills - In GD if other people are listening to you then it's your responsibility you should listen to them and always do not keep one-way communication discussion. First, you need to listen try to listen to people during the GD process round because it helps to give more think in your point from another conversation points and also help to think and react accordingly and get the opinion in a discussion. 
  • Use your convincing power – In the group discussion, if your opponent group of people is not satisfied with your statement of subject and it completely against your wording then it is not a good situation for you in between GD that time you should be good in your convincing skills and it is very good skills that would create good impression towards you.
  • You should be good at your knowledge skills - Knowledge you only gain with the help of reading of newspaper and watching the current trend of business or any online portal which is knowledgeable for you. Because you are not aware of which topic you will get at the time of the interview Group discussion round. Always, keep yourself update somewhere market research, games or any field as well.

How Group Discussion Helps in Career

Group discussion is very much important for everyone nowadays with the help of group discussion only we can sort out lots of problems and we can take out the solution to a certain problem with the help of group discussion. And only the GD is the process where we could show our interactive skills, and we could show the difference among all groups of people where how we are good at communication.

In our career group, discussion plays a vital role to use problem skills to get solve such problem which could occur in our life. And when we analyze the problem caused at that time we use our problem skills. For the career point of, it is very important because you people come across such a situation that you should know or you should also get analyze yourself what is our improvement area and actually on which skills need to develop in ourselves. In a professional career, you would interact with different-different peoples of thought and only the Group discussion would help to improve and provides the confidence to deal with all of them.

  • Business & Economy Group Discussion Topic are useful for - The Business & Economy major important a useful career GD subject and majorly you all should aware of its current updates and mostly such kind of subject GD face management course of people get during their placement zone. The mentioned GD subject is very useful and important for any entrance exam process. If you are fresher people in management or any graduation, PG graduation student then such business and the economy topic could be given to you. These GD topics are very useful for the people who are preparing for an MBA -(Master of Business Administration), entrance exam stages which are (CAT, MHCET, MAT) and UPSC, Bank exam preparation such (IBPS, PO, SBI).

Group Discussion Topic on Economics and Business

Many organization's selection rounds for the management people are depending on the group discussion. Here is the list of the topics of business and economies are as follows,

  • Master of Business Administration is necessary to be successful in business?
  • Is foreign direct investment in the economy is good for India or not?
  • Is India is the most corrupt country?
  • Is Cryptocurrency is helpful for the overall economy and business?
  • Is India ready for a cashless economy? What are cashless facilities?
  • How does privatization concern for economics and business?
  • Is globalization is hazardous or not?
  • Why Indian rupee is devaluing compared to the dollar?
  • What are the success and failures of demonetization?
  • What is the demonetization impact in India? Are common people affected by demonetization?
  • Is corruption distressing the economy of India?
  • Does import and export boom the nation's economy? Why the need for the economy?


This is article is very much important for everyone because of the group discussion interview process topic. We have here mentioned they group discussion topics with answers and also cover here the group discussion topic on current affairs which will help you a lot. Most of the students just find out the group discussion topic for the management or some of the easy topics for group discussion and conversation group discussion topic which they face in the MBA and they are getting prepared for that we have covered all the topics which would help you a lot and it also will help you not only e the group discussion topics of 2020 but for the years also in your future.


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