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Interview Questions for HR Position With Important Tips

Interview Questions for HR Position - With Important Tips

 Whenever it comes to small or big company business offices, at that time the Human Resource are also associated with them somewhere. HR does a list of all kinds of work in companies. It would be very straightforward to say here that if you are going for an interview, then you should have very good qualities and you should know everything about HR and about your work duties by yourself. We will see if you are going to prepare for an HR position, what kind of questions you may have to face in today's round of jobs and how we should answer these questions. Below, we have discussed some common interview questions, sample interview questions for talent acquisition manager as well as HR interview questions for experienced candidates which will help you to get a clear idea regarding HR interviews.

 Common interview questions for the HR position

Q- Could you tell me what is human resource management?

Answer- Here, you can give the answer to this question like – human resource management helps the organization to maintain various tasks such as recruitment, training, planning, organizing and providing and plays an important role in employee engagement, motivation, communication & administration work as well.

 Q- Which thing you like the most about working in HR?

Answer - Basically this question makes us understand that it is about your experience or knowledge basis. So here you could give an answer like - Nowadays, you see the position for the human resource is going to consider as the best where you basically take care of your company in such a way that if you get a new project work from the client you have to manage employees benefit, employees welfare. We have to successfully run that work as these all fields are very challenging & we have to get knowledge & adopt skills and it will also be useful for our future growth.

 Q- Tell me about your understanding of Performance Management?

Answer -You can give an answer like – performance management is a type of method which is completely useful to develop employee’s skills, competency, identifying weakness, negative point & try to overcome those. Due to this thought, we can help to improve employee’s skills effectively.

Q - Kindly tell about Performance Appraisal?

Answer – Talking about performance appraisal, performance appraisal of every employee is done every year in the company and is completely depends on employee job performance and set of parameters decided by the company. We can say that performance appraisal is a normal & standard review of employees. It is also called an annual review, Performance or performance evaluation, employee appraisal.                                       

Sample interview questions for talent acquisition manager

Here are some sample interview questions for the talent acquisition manager.

Q - What is your management style, as a talent acquisition manager?

Answer - You can say like it is completely delegated role & responsibility. I feel to grow and develop an organization there is a need to work in a team and not as an individual. Teamwork is always very helpful to grow the company as well as individual development skills.

Q- What experience you have regarding talent acquisition position?

Answer - You can tell about your experience that you have observed like - I have a year's experience as a recruiter where in this position I have made a strategy to find out specialists, good person & future executives for the company and so, they can focus on skills for the organization as a beneficial.

Q- Why should we hire you?

You can give an answer as - I have experience in recruitment I am confident and have pretty good knowledge about talent acquisition. I would be great at this position. My skills help me develop great relationships with members, managers & customers. And I am also passionate about this great industry.

HR manager interview questions and answers for experienced candidates

If you have the experience, then you will also be asked questions of the same level at the time of interview and here we have discussed some questions and how to answer those questions, for reference you can download Pdf of HR interview questions and answers for experienced candidates.

 Q- If you are working as an HR manager, what will be your strategy to run the organization?

Answer – You should tell the recruiter a very honest answer and according to the experience we can give answers like - First, I will take care of employee recruitment & retention, training & development, employee motivation & employee engagement. However, when we make strategic planning it should be a very successful technique for the organization and measurements the goal of it. I will also try to think about the process of how I can measure success in the short & long run.

Q- Why you are interested in the HR manager profile?

You can give Answer - I like HR Manager’s profile too much because I feel it is the most responsible profile work where we have an opportunity to show our personal skill set and help the organization with their set of goal and It is also very professional work where we can accept the challenges initiatives work and prove yourself on a very positive attitude.

Q- What according to you are some of the essential qualities that a successful HR person should have?

Here you can give an answer as per your experiences that you have assessed with HR position, like as every person requires their own unique skills such as communication, personalized fit. However, in the HR profile, they ought to be very good handling of teams, and they should be very strong in management skills and need to close organizational requirements within the timeline.

Q- Please describe the difficult situation that you have faced in your previous job and how you handled it?

While giving the answer of this question you have good opportunity to prove yourself as you deserve this position - You can give an example like, there was one employee and he was facing many challenges regarding his work on a daily basis and he used to work hard for so many extra hours to complete his work. It is not a good way to complete work, I spoke with him and analyze the problem and explain some scheduled sheet work and time management. Later I have observed, he was doing his work in the proper way and he was happy with it.

MBA HR interview questions

 Below we have given some interview questions for an HR position.

  • Why have you chosen MBA?
  • What according to you are your most strong points in HR position?
  • Why did you choose HR as a specialization, please tell your view?
  • What are your roles & responsibility for HR?
  • Can you tell me what the difference between smart work & hard work is?
  • How could you handle the critical situation on the position of HR of the organization?
  • What you have learned from the MBA course/degree?
  • Who has motivated you for choosing this specialization?
  • Mostly in which system you feel comfortable to work, individual work or teamwork?
  • Could you tell the difference between in team & group?
  • Would you describe the time management skills that you have used?
  • What is your ideal workplace?
  • Tell me about yourself.


To have a successful HR profile we should be very strong with our practical knowledge as well as human resource procedures. And we should also be very passionate about our HR goal/career goal along with new techniques to encourage a more supportive workspace. In this article, we have tried to discuss a few questions and answers which will help you at the time of the interview.


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