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Popular HTML Interview Questions And Answers

Popular HTML Interview Questions And Answers

In the technology era, we are having huge use of internet service everywhere. Whatever online content we require, in a single click we reach there with the help of the dynamic web page. HTML is the most powerful language of the World Wide Web page. HTML is called as (hypertext markup language).In addition; it is a very important language for displaying web pages on the web. It is a standard text formatting language used for creates and displays the pages on the web. Whether you people are fresher or experienced candidates you should have basic knowledge and need to know HTML tags and web templates structure, if you people looking for a career in web development or web designing. Recruiter first judges you on the basis of your, basic knowledge and syntax that you know in HTML.

First, you should before to start any topic information you have to know at least basic about that topic. It is a very important language of the development sector we have to know the basic website design interview question and answer. Here is the list of some popular questions and answers of HTML and HTML5 (the updated version of HTML) which will help you in the interview.

Please tell me what is the list in HTML?

You should tell basic list in HTML which are those
a) Order list
b) Unordered list
c) Definition list
d) Menu list
d) Dictionary list.

Tell me about the syntax of the insertion of comments in HTML?                    

Sample answer - Start of comment “”.

You may write your example like this .

Please tell the advantages of collapsing white space in HTML?

You should answer - we can consider white space as a character in HTML. Because the browser collapses multiple spaces into a single we can start lines without disturbing multiple spaces. It will help us to organize HTML code in a more readable format.

Please tell me about the marquee in HTML?

Sample answer - We can scroll the web page with the help of marquee. Just put and tags.

How will create the webpage in HTML, please tell its syntax?

Sample answer - To create an HTML webpage we require HTML editor, or in a notepad of the computer also plays the role of HTML editor. You can start write HTML page by <HTML> tag . This tag will close when you have completed the content within the tag, you can add many other tags in it.

Please tell, how could we insert a copyright symbol on a browser page?

You should answer with file name - As sample answer -You can write to insert the copyright symbol like this:  < © 'page name details'>; in HTML file.

Kindly tell, which browsers support HTML5?

Here you should tell about browser names such as - the Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera all browsers support the HTML5 features.

Please tell, why tag comes at the start of a row or column?

Answer-  The tag comes first because with the help of tags we can give a heading to any topic so that it comes first.

Where you can use hyperlinks?

Sample answer - We can use hyperlinks in the text as well as the images field. It means we can convert the IMG into a link that will allow you to link with another page when we click on the link. We can use the tag . Here, the (href) gives a reference to another page.

What is the size of the text in HTML, please tell?

If you have some practical knowledge then it would easy to explain this answer in briefly - You should answer on it as the size of the basic attribute is set to 0, and the size would be set as default as well. It means the default size for a text field is thirteen characters.

Which are those tags that used to separate sections of text?

Sample answer - The
tag is use to separate lines of text as well as

tag and

tag, also separate sections of text.


Tell us the media types and formats supported by HTML?

Sample answer - The HTML supports audio, video, movies, and animation. Following is the list of media types and formats supported by HTML. HTML supports the Images type like png, SVG, BMP, png, jpg, jpeg, gif, etc have the support of HTML.

How to create multicolored text on a webpage and what is the syntax?

Sample Answer - We can give colors to the text in web pages with the help of the following tag.

For example syntax - . We can give color to any character.

How you will set the specific colors for table borders?

Sample answer - We can specify a border color using 'style sheets', but the color of the table does not change when the 'style sheet' gets changed. It can change when the characters in the table get changed.

Please tell the advantage of grouping checkboxes in HTML?

 Sample answer - The Checkboxes features are not affecting one another, to make a group of checkboxes make simple to organize. Checkbox buttons can have their name. The single webpage has its multiple checkboxes.

What happens on the webpage when overlap sets of tags in HTML?

Sample answer - When two sets of HTML are overlapped at that time only the first tag will be recognized. We will find this problem when the text is not displayed properly on the browser screen.

How you could determine the active link?

Sample answer - With some active links we can check by putting cursor of a mouse on that link it would be identified by the somewhere in the color of blue. And other links are considered as normal links that are not active.

Tell us about the types of Web Storage in HTML5?

Sample answer - If we talk about it then the web storage in HTML5 areas,
a) The session storage which is we could use to store data of the current session and when we close the browser after completing our work at that time the storage will delete. It means it is temporary.
b) The local storage is another type of web storage in HTML5, in this; the data is not deleted once we close the browser.

Explain what are new input types provided by HTML5 for forms?

You may answer as the HTML5 is the advanced version of HTML so that various changes are added in the advanced version as
a) Date
b) DateTime-local
c) DateTime
d) month
e) email.

Have you tried to open the external.css file in a browser, and what it is?

Sample Answer - If we try to open the external CSS file in the browser it cannot open because the file has a different extension. To open an external CSS file we can use the reference of using <link/> tag within another HTML document.

What is the use of the Application Cache in 'HTML5'?

Sample Answer - We can do our work on the application cache offline. It means we could do offline browsing; where any user can use the application in offline mode. The speed of application cache is very high the resource can load very quickly. The particular browser will do the only download updated resources from the server so that it can reduce the server load.

What are the many ways you can display hyperlinks?

Sample answer - We can display a hyperlink in these ways,
a) Unvisited link
b) Visited link
c) Active link

Tell us about the new FORM elements which are available in HTML5?

To give an interview about web development we need to study HTML interview questions and answers for fresher as well as the new Form elements in HTML5 offers much better functionality than the previous HTML versions. The elements are as

 Tell us about new features that were not present in HTML but added to HTML5?

You should answer it as there are many things which are getting very easy by using HTML5. All the drawbacks are overcome by HTML5, there are so many tags are increased to help web development. To the development of the web, we need CSS interview questions and answers also so it will help you to do better in web development. Below are the new features added in the updated version of HTML,

  • Declaration -  
  • Header – 
    Type here
  • Article –>
    Type here
  • Main – 
    Type here
  • Footer – 
    Type here


From this article, we conclude the HTML is a very important language for web development, for any application of the WebPages we require to use the HTML and HTML5. If you are searching for a job in a web developer then this article of interview questions will help you to understand which type of questions are asked in HTML (web development) interview. We have discussed popular questions of HTML and HTML5 it will help you in the interview of web designing, and also discussed How to prepare for Html interview.


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