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What do you know about your company

What do you know about your company – Sample Answers

In this article we will see when you are going for an interview then how would you prepare the answer to the question of what do you know about our company? In every interview, this question is asked by the employer and the employer love to ask this question to the interviewee. When they asked you this question so that time a few things they want to hear and a few things they don’t want to hear. Your answer to this question helps them to understand your motive and your commitment. So, in this article, we will see how to answer this question.

The purpose of asking - What do you know about our company?

Firstly we should to be familiar with that why interviewer asks this question, let's check the reason for that as follows,

  • The first reason is that they want to know that the candidate goes through their employer website or they do any research about their company. The interviewer always looks candidate who is motivated towards the company and work hard in their job.
  • The employer searching for a candidate who has the most interest in a position and usually that candidate must do research about the company. Because the candidate is not interested to know about the company then he is not that enthusiastic about their work.
  • So, companies always want someone who’s being careful and selective in their research.

When they ask this question the interviewer is also want to analyze your research knowledge and also they are trying to find out a few things which are as follow

  • Do you know about your role in an organization and what your role is this answer you can tell the employer when you have research about the company?
  • They also want to know that you are a good researcher or not. So if you prepared then there is a chance to get selected in an organization.

What do you know about our company - how to give an answer?    

Let’s have a discussion on the most excellent way to answer this question “What do you know about our company??”

Firstly you should know why is the interviewer asking this question? 

Secondly, the best approach, do your studies perfect. Know the employer well enough to be able to briefly explain it in few seconds. Do depth research about the company don’t take employer for a granted.

What do you know about our company example answer are as follows,

  • For a job who provide software to the local health care industry for the answer is I see that your company is in the industry for over many years with a brilliant reputation for the reliable employee in management software, and have a good knowledge of a specializing in systems which can handle both ionized and unionized employees effectively.
  • Your company vision of brilliant customer service and loyalty jumps out to me. And this is the reason you are the longest-standing industry of all your competitors. I also like that you are working to make your office clean by recycling and minimizing costs.
  • I have to study your business before coming for an interview. I see that you are expanding your business into North America. This expansion is a good sign, and I am excited about the idea of being part of the administration team in a global organization.
  • I have study about your organization and I found that you applied for many different programs, for all ages and levels. Your service is for the top of the city and your reputation is also really great. I feel that your organization's customer service and safety goals align nicely with what I am looking for.

What do you avoid while answering – tell me something about our company

When the interviewer asks this question that what you know about our company, which means the interviewer is want to gauge that your interest in the company for work or not. Because they follow one rule if you are not interested in them then they also will not interest in you. Let's have talk below while telling about the company just avoid few things to tell to the employer which are as follows,

Appearing uninterested - In one drive there are lots of candidates who are appearing for one position so if you avoid showing the interest in the company then they certainly didn’t want to hire you.

Being unprepared - it will go to the interview being unprepared then you will be rejected from a designation. Always be prepared because preparation shows your interest in the job.

Sharing too much information - Here, If you sharing too much information and to deep information, them employer might get bored with your answers. We should be very short and limited while giving information.

Having Negative Body language - At the time of the interview if you never smile and don’t make eye contact with the interviewer this shows that you are shy, too strong and simply not interested. We need to take care of basic and small things.

Not asking good questions, or asking the wrong question at the wrong time - when an employer asks how did you know about us? That time you answer the facts which the company currently has. Then if they tell you to ask some questions to them then the question of your must-have a realistic. You ready to ask good questions.

Where and how to research the company?

The interviewer asks the question that is what do you know about our company and why did you choose it??  If you fail to answer this question then this is the biggest failure in the interview. The reason to fail to answer this question is that they haven’t done research about the company or about the position and didn’t go through the job description. When an interviewer asks this question then you must have a lot of things to say. For searching for a company you should do the things which are as follows,

Start with the company website - how did they describe themselves? What products/services do they provide, and to whom? What kind of employees do they hire?

Use the Internet to research the company - while searching for the company you first go through the company website and they only tell you about information then for updated news regarding the company you must go through the Internet.

LinkedIn - On LinkedIn, you get one question in your mind that how does the company describe themselves on LinkedIn? What news they are posting and they also ask a question in an interview that what you know about this position. These types of questions were asks in an interview. For that have to check some profile and have to connect with them which are already connected with the company.

Company’s social media profile - If you want information regarding the company then you should connect with the company’s social media profile. Like social accounts twitter youtube and facebook.

Research your interviewer as well - If you already know who will be your interviewer then check the interviewer's LinkedIn profile. Try to know about the interviewer that how many years of experience the interviewer has in that company and also what is his profile. The interviewer also asks the question that why do you want this job?  So it is also important to go through the job description and know what the interviewer wants the answer to this question. If you prepared well then there are a lot of chances and opportunities you get in your life. So every time do preparation for every work.


If you want a successful life then preparation is a managing principal for the final product. If you want to achieve your goal and objective for that you must do prepare for what you have to face in your life. Because we don’t know which type of questions have to face in an interview.

The preparations we can also relate with the planning if you plan well you get good results.  For example: If you want to take a meeting in one place then you also have to preplan that meeting what will we have to discuss in that meeting. So prepare well and get good results.

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