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What is your salary expectations best answer

What is Your Salary Expectations Best Answer

In this article, we are going to analyze very important questions that are frequently asked in a job interview and a question is like what are your expectations from the job? Or what is your salary expectation?  This question brings a natural smile on our face because is not all about the salary but it is very much about the salary once we go for a job. So, when this question asks from interviewer don’t be overjoyed and don’t fool yourself by thinking that I a hired that’s why the interviewer asks me this question alright. No, at that time you are still in the process of interview, so be formal and strict with your reply while answering these questions.

So, for this I have made some points which you have to fix it in your mind once you are replying to this question definitely it will help you out:

  • Don’t be silent
  • Don’t speak an exact figure
  • Ask the interviewer first what they offer to you?
  • Never  negotiated

Why does the interviewer ask about your salary expectations?

When an interviewer asks about these questions that time their best approach to answer the questions of salary in an interview is never to be straight or precise. The idea behind this method to know about yourself and is to gather as much in rank as possible about the job of everyday jobs and the reimbursement that is attached to it before you jumped into the compromise part.

Be diplomatic in your answer and try not to through a ball in an interviewer court. Before giving an answer to this question firstly knows that what salary an interviewer provides to you is an important part while answering this question.

 There are different reasons why interviewer asks questions like this, some major reasons are as follows:

  • They have a budget. The interviewer wants to make sure your payment expectations similar expect with the amount they’ve calculated for the job. If they find most candidates are asking for a great deal more than expected, it might mean requesting a larger budget for the position.
  • They want to be acquainted with how well you know your importance.  A professional candidate knows how much their skill set is important in the market and can share it with trust. To know the appropriate market value, factor in your level, years of experience and career achievements.
  • They want to decide whether you are at the appropriate level.  An applicant who asks for a higher amount than other candidates may be higher qualified for the role. On the other hand, answering with a salary expectation on the low end could show you’re at an under-qualified than the job requires.

This will help you to prepare your salary expectations questions.

Tips for salary discussion with HR

 At the time of the interview, the candidate has to face questions like what are your salary expectations?? At that time the candidate doesn’t know how to speak salary negotiation with Hr or the respective hiring managers. So, here are some tips to face those questions and impress an employer. The salary discussion with a candidate starts from the time when an employer is ready to offer a job until the candidate accepts a job. A positive employer and a positive employee when talks about a salary and when they agree with each other this is the result of successful salary negotiation. At one time, many people had the mindset that jobs were not easy to come by, so they should take whatever was offered to them with no questions asked. Today, people are very serious about their career paths, and they know that they are deserving of more than the basic salary. In our job hunter-driven job market, people aren’t content to take anything that is being offered, and they know that they need to ask certain questions to make sure that they are going to be treating like a respected employee and not just a number.

If you are hiring for a new position, here are some important things that you need to talk with HR before you accept the proffer.

  • Ask about benefits

It is important to know what I company providing you in a benefits package. You want to work with a company that is providing good befits and perks if the company is not providing you benefits package which you expect as per company standard, then don’t work with that company. A benefits package includes prescriptions and specialty services.

  • Ask if the salary negotiable

Depending on the manager or company standard the salary is not set at all the time. No one employer is going to come to you and tell you that salaries are negotiable because they want to pay as little as possible. This is information you are going to need to push, so you are just going to have to come right out and ask. If you have any doubts regarding salary and you are not able to talk to the HR manager at the time of the interview then you should mail a salary issue to HR on their mail- ID.

  • Ask about other perks

These days, it is not always enough for companies to provide employees with competitive wages and benefits packages. The more perks a company offers to employees, the more attractive the job offer is going to be. So, you need to find out what other perks are providing to you should you think to accept the position being offered. Perks can be anything from flexible shifts and working hours to office parties to paid time off and more. Some of the best perks to ask about are progression guidance and support.

  • Ask about incentives

If you have to transfer in order to take the position, you need to find out if the company is going to help with any of these expenses. Clearly, they are not going to pay you what you want from them for everything, but if they expect you to shift for them, they should be expected to help in some way. In case, they may offer the actual shifting expenses or put you up in a dig until you are able to find an appropriate and affordable place to live.

  • Ask for everything in writing

 If you will receive a job and everything that you have to accept all conditions, and then ask them to give all things in writing. This way, there is little chance that the employer is going to draw back on the offer. A written agreement is much more useful and also important than an oral agreement, and if you have everything on paper, they can’t turn back later and say that something wasn’t part of the job offer. Add work that isn’t in the job description. If they don’t want to give you anything written as a document, it is a good sign that this may not be the best company for you to work.                          

When she/he asks what your salary expectations from the job are

When you are deciding to get a job to work with a company so get ready for an interview, you may come across some common interview questions. In that you have to face a question regards to salary i.e. How much salary do you expect? or  How much do you want to get paid for employment? or  How much do you expect to make? So, all these questions are focusing on one thing i.e. salary expectations of a candidate. If you answer these questions in on phone interview round you may also face that question in the face-to-face rounds as well.

Guessing a payout is sometimes very dangerous! If you ask them a high salary package, so maybe you will not consider for that position and if you guess to low so you will be underpaid for a longer period of time.

So, when you will apply for a job which type of job you want then research a salary which is paid to that position in a market so you have a starting point for this discussion.

Unfortunately, very few companies are posting into their job advertisement salary-related information, but now several websites offer salary information.

There are various sites like PayScale,, Glassdoor are offer salary information to the people. So, by using these various sites you should know what will discuss salary in the first phase. The interviewer directly asks you your expectations or told you to write it on an application form.

 Keep in mind that salary is not constant which is varies by career level, company level and also by geographical level. When you are searching for a salary package range for a position that time you have to know that what is a role which assigns to you and a cost-of-living in that area. For example, a job that is offered to you is located in a big city anywhere will likely pay a higher salary as compared to the other location or Ural areas.

What does an HR manager want to know?

Firstly know why they want to know your salary expectations? They ask you about your salary expectations because they wanted to know whether they can afford you or not. They might also ask you this question to see how much you value yourself.

Why this question is not simple?

There are many ways to ask the question and get an answer about salaries. If you go in a different direction and your purpose of compensation is too small. You put down an employer space with the low prospects that time you will feel down with a lack of compensation and benefits.

How much salary do you expect - Sample answers

“Salary is a part of compensation”. From the employer's view, they try to convince you to accept a less salary. The salary expectations questions may ask at different times at the interview process and everyone can respond differently. There are some sample answers which are as follows:-

Sample Answers No. 1 -

You can write a question with a brief overview as, “My salary expectations are not high the expectations is under control with my education and work. If this is a perfect job for me. I am ready to do this job. If you allow me then we will also discuss the agreement of salary. This answer shows that you are flexible.

Sample Answers No. 2 –

For experienced people in their career field, you can say like “Based on my years of experience in the HR field. I would accept a salary in the range of 60,000-70,000. Here you will see that I written skills set first then I will mention numbers. Before telling any number, remind to HR manager is that why should he/she offer you a salary in the first place.

Sample Answers No 3 -

For Fresher’s you can say like,” As I am a fresher salary is not an issue for me learning and gaining knowledge is my first priority. As a salary, I will accept as per company norms and standards.


All the things you are gone through, I hope this information may help you while doing salary negotiation during the HR round. While this question asks you it seems relatively simple, it has the potential to ruin all your previous work. So, before going for an interview it’s vital to do your homework and establish your worth in the current marketplace. So, don’t make the wrong impression b positive and towards a role before you were started.

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