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What should a Resume look like in 2020

Let see, how to Get a Compelling Resume in the present time.

We all want a happy career, and want to work in our life. But in the year 2020, most of us are not aware of where to start with a good resume.

With the assistance of this article, you individuals would get a thought loaded tips, instruments, and techniques, that you can incorporate straight away in Resume work.

To compete for an interview with your competitors, you should choose an effective latest resume trends, or resume trends 2020.

Before moving in this paragraph first, we should keep short insights about the Resume. A resume is a very significant piece of making our profession, and if you people want to make your future bright, your CV should be impressive, and make a good impression on the interviewer.

If you don't know what information where is to be shown, then we will tell you in great detail, such you should mention what great things you have done in your life. Use to select the resumes format is depending on the purpose of a job description, and the year of experience that you have, or if you are a fresher candidate.

You can pick the Resume format of a list according to your level, for example,

  • Entry-level resume format
  • Mid-level resume format
  • Senior-level resume format

The perfect resume format is the most significant for you in light of the fact because the employer hardly spends a few 4-5 seconds to look at your resume before making a decision. Every job seeker has its own unique value, quality, and attracts an employer that can relate to them. Let's see in the below paragraph more details,

What a good resume should look like in 2020?

What is the best 2020 resume example for the resume; this question will be in our minds? So, do not worry, we will provide you many suggestions in this article. You should know what is the importance of a resume is for good career growth. It highlights your qualifications, skills, proficiency, and accomplishments in your personal and professional life, and tells how you are good at your skills?

So you should keep thoughts in your mind whenever the processing for a good resume, that your resume should be effective, meaningful, and simply because the recruiter has a short time to look through your resume. The following are the points, which would assist you in making a good resume in 2020, or for making 2020 resume templates.

Keep it simple

Whenever you choose a resume format, always focus on your heading, and font styles, and color, etc. Need have to avoid the jargon's font style and use the simple format to look your resume decent format.

Give a brief profile statement or summary –

In this section of the statement, you should give clear focus towards your oriented goals, that what is your expectation from the organization, and what will be your contribution to the organization and personal growth.

Highlight your key skills

Remember, one thing if your resume skills are not matching with the employer requirement, then your resume could be skipped by the interviewer during the interview.

For making a good list of skills, you should very honest towards your works and keep read the Job description twice, and match the skill requirements as per the given parameters. You have to write the keywords for matching profiles.

Start with your latest experience

In your resume, you have to keep starting with your recent work experience, and what were your roles, responsibilities to your last organization.

Show up, if you have more an experience

Yes, if you are experienced than you ought to be write down the list in bullet points, and ensuring each bullet point has to be a strong responsibilities work.

Think about adding volunteer for the experience

If you are fresher, then you need to write the internship details, industrial project training details and try to show how you’re good at your personalities to work.

Use bullets points, when it requires

Suppose, you want to highlight the points in that you are more specialized or focused on your responsibilities, then need to use the bullets points.

Use the standard resume font size and style

In your resume, the font size should be between 10 and 12pt. You can include some professional font style like Arial, Caliber with an 11 to 12 pt. size, or it would depend on your headlines or other points.

Use bold heading -

Your headings should be in bold which will make your resume more impressive, avoid using the bold word every time, and keep a clean resume format.

Use the set margin set up -

You ensure to set the page layout margin, along with page layout details.

What type of resume do employers prefer?

Everyone knows, writing an effective resume is a vital part of applying to your dream career because the resume is an important part of the job seeker. We ought to be correct in each way with the format segment, and need to use the professional format.

In general, there are few types of resume format and sample to choose from, such as resume formats are chronological functional combinations and curricula vitae.

Chronological resume format –

It is a vital significant resume format that is used to make a resume is a chronological resume format. It consists of an objective or career profile summary statement.

This is the most widely used format. This method works best if you have at least a few years of consistent work experience.

Use a functional resume/skill based resume format –

With the help of a functional resume format, you people have an opportunity to show up the achievements, and skills on your resume.

This resume sample of format is good for who has a high level of work experience and who wants to change his job. This format focuses on your achievements and skills instead of the job positions you held.

Use the hybrid/combination resume format

Before using this resume format, first, you need to aware of its functionalities and where need to use its format.

The combination resume template offers more flexibility, allowing you to present your work history in a way that emphasizes your strengths, as well as the chronological resume format

Those who are job applicants have some employment gaps, have different types of skills and experiences, and play a very creative additional role that people can go through this resume format.

Use of Curricula vitae

The CV is called as (Curricula vitae), and majorly its vital role for college students, master students, and also for experienced candidates. Such a resume format of the CV is creative and impressive because they attract the interviewer.

What should a resume look like?

If you have a question in mind what should a resume look like or what should a cv look like. Here, we would provide you more information about 2020 resume templates.

You should keep alert on current resume trends, this structure of your resume format would help you to show up the unique key skills, an experience that you have.  Here are the sections you would include in your resume at what does a good resume look like impressive,

Heading Section -

In your resume, heading section you ought to write personal information about below as an example.

  • Your name,
  • Your contact number,
  • Your email ID,
  • Address,
  • City, and your State

Resume Summary

Your resume summary should be in one or two sentences in which you can explain where you are an expert and what experience do you have.

Career objective -

Your career objective should be in a short simple statement and very precise to goal-oriented in which you can explain what you want to achieve with the desired organization.

Show your experience

The vital significant section is the career section in which you should write your experiences that you have. Here, you should indicate the details about your work roles & responsibilities.

For example,

  • Write the company name-
  • Mentioned the duration of work experience-
  • About your profile/position name -
  • Roles & Responsibilities –

Show your education/Academic years details -

In the education section of your resume, you should write about your degrees and what percentage you have right in front of the degree, your percentage, aggregate grade, school name, college name, or the pass out year.

Expose your achievements/skills/ awards

In this section, you want to show your skill which is directly related to the position that you are applying for. Having such details section in your resume gives you chance to shortlisting your resume.

Show your Key skills

Here you need to show your skills how you are good at your soft & hard skills. Write at least more than five soft skills, as well as hard skills details with your resume.

Show your Hobbies and interest section

You should write about hobbies and the interest area which you would like since childhood. This section gives an idea about you as to how you are creative in your interest area or in passionate. It helps you to show that you are perfect for the employer.


From this article, we have concluded that as we all know the resume is very much important nowadays so it is very compulsory to update your resume according to the job profile and it looks also matter because the first impression is the last impression.

We have tried to give an answer on what does a resume looks like and in other words, we can say that what should be e a CV looks like. Most of the candidates have an issue that what does a good resume look like OK what are the latest resume trends, current resume trends or we can say that according to current year's resume trends 2020. We have clear all the issues and the updated scenarios which will help you to make resume 2020. We have also covered here some of the 2020 resume examples which will help you a lot with making your CV.


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Give a brief profile statement or summary

Highlight your key skills

Keep it simple

Latest resume trends

Resume trends 2020

Show up, if you have more an experience

Start with your latest experience

Think about adding volunteer for the experience

What a good resume should look like in 2020?

What does a resume looks like

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