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Sample emails and templates for job application

Sample Email for Job Application with Resume

Being capable of contacting or communicating effectively is one of the important life skills. Imagine if you are applying for any new job or if you are looking for promotion within the organization, the distance between you and the promotion or you and the good job offer is the ability to communicate effectively. The role of communication skills in the interview or anywhere else goes to higher importance along with your career progress. 

If we consider the corporate life, we are interacting most of the time through e-mail with our superiors so writing a good e-mail can demonstrate your ability to communicate well to your employer or to your superior and employees who have shown the employer their capability of representing themselves and the organization in a clear, they are more likely to be selected for higher or advanced positions.

How to e-mail a resume to grab a recruiters attention

You rejected or shortlisted in an interview it is based on the way you e-mail your job application? You have taken efforts to prepare a resume and practice the frequently asked interview questions, you would not want to lose the opportunity just because your e-mail did not look appropriate, would you?

So we can follow some easy and systematic tips to follow while sending your resume via email to an employer so that you do not lose an opportunity for an interview. So the tips are as follows:

Read the job advertisement thoroughly

Some job notifications have a prescribed format for the application. Some online applications, some offline and some both. So go through the job details and then the application process action ( If any ) and follow the mentioned format. 
Check if the application requires a copy of the submitted online application to be sent as a hard copy.

E-mail ID

You might not have thought that crafting a professional e-mail is an art, but the very etiquette starts from the e-mail ID. when you are a fresher, you using a funky email ID that you created in college days to convey how cool a person you are. 

How to phrase a normal mail ID?

Use only your name and its combination. Strictly no dude, babe, honey, sweety, etc. Examples -, name. (alphabet), name(numbers) You could pick one from the auto-created combinations while creating and ID, provided that it follows any one of the above-mentioned formats.

Subject Line

The subject line of your email is very important because it acts as a final ticket to grab the employer’s attention. Amidst the daily mails that your employer’s inbox is already flooded with, there is a lot of probability that your mail is missed out. Also not including a subject line will be viewed as an act of reluctance and you will give the recruiter an image that you are not a credible person.

Email subject line format for job application

  • Application for the post of  ( Designation )
  • Job application  - ( Designation)
  • Job posting ( Designation ) 
  • Cover letter 

Some people do not include a body or cover letter to email because they think that a resume is sufficient for your recruiter to know about you. But adding one additional point gives you additional credibility and reflects your genuineness and eagerness to join the job.
Talking about eagerness, maintain a balance. Do not overdo it with a very long body line as that would again get you a bad impression or show that you are desperate and talkative.
Keep it short and simple. Describe in 150 to 200-word limits about your exact requirement and the best of your qualifications.

Opening Line
The opening line of your cover letter must be formal, any other prefix/suffix such as dear sir or respected madam.

Add a signature at the bottom of your cover letter to make your identity clear. Even though your resume contains all the details, putting a single-line identity of your self It would make it conspicuous and easy for the recruiter to identify or contact you.

  • Signature format
  • Full name
  • Phone number 

Save your resume as a DOC or PDF file. Save the file name as “Your name” – the resume. This gives the impression that you are thoughtful of the recruiters' convenience and think in a wholesome perspective. Remember not to extend your resume to more than 2 or 3 pages lest it becomes laborious to read. Add the apt details only. Keep the font size between 12 and 16 points for legibility.

Avoid additional documents
Your application mail is only to get you a ticket to the interview. This means that it is used only as a first impression. You need not submit your age proof, salary proof and other supporting documents along with your mail. Doing so could turn out to be a disadvantage when your resume is lost amidst the list of documents that you attach and the recruiter does not have the patience to search it and rejects it.

Use appropriate email ID
You have strictly avoided using your official ID. It would look awkward when your employer realize that you had actually emailed your resume from your workplace. Chances of your application getting rejected are capable of applying elsewhere, too while you work with them.

Update your work profiles
When you reach an email, some recruiters immediately do a search for you. It would be good if you keep your online work profile updates such that you succeed ( Right opportunity meets the right preparation. ) 
Now we will look towards some points of how not to email your resume :

E-mail subject line for job application

The subject line of your email is very important because it acts as a final ticket to grab the employer’s attention. Amidst the daily mails that your employer’s inbox is already flooded with, there is a lot of probability that your mail is missed out. Also not including a subject line will be viewed as an act of reluctance and you will give the recruiter an image that you are not a credible person.

Subject line examples for sending resume by E-mail.

The subject line should be written like a Job application for the post of ( Designation ), Job application ( Designation ), Job posting ( Designation )

Samples of job application E-mail format (Email body for sending resume)

Job application email for fresher 


Subject: Application for the post of ( designation )

Dear sir, 

I am sending you the email with reference to the recruitment advertisement number – 1230 given by your company for the post of ( Designation ) in the leading daily newspaper and also on your company’s official website. I am interested in applying for the post as I have graduated as an XYZ engineer in the year 2012.

I would like to mention that I have been the topper of the stream in my college. 

I am selected for giving my services and competency to your company. It is a better opportunity for a career and I can give assurance to you, I can try my level best.

I am herewith attaching a copy of my resume with this e-mail. I will wait for the interview call from your organization.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely.

( Name of the applicant )

What to cover in the job application e-mail body.

At first, while writing e-mail we have to write the recipient's e-mail address which will be the e-mail address of that company for which you are applying for or e-mail address of that company professional who is going to conduct the recruitment process of the company on behalf of the organization.
Then it comes to writing a subject of e-mail which means you have to write the reason behind sending this e-mail.

Then it comes to actual writing the e-mail for which one should start by giving reference to employer such as telling the employer about from where do you come to know that the company has opening for which the candidate is eligible also giving the reference of advertisement ( with date of advertisement mentioned in it )in the newspaper, electronic media or somewhere else and giving the reference of the advertisement number also the post for which advertisement was published. 

The second paragraph of the e-mail body should include your personal skills or accomplishment if you have any which will give an employer a brief idea about your personality, your traits, and your academic achievements. 

After writing some of your personal traits express the feeling of thankfulness and gratitude towards the employer if they give you chance to give service to the organization and assure the employer by telling you will give 100% dedication towards work if they give chance to you to give your service to the organization. 
After this one should write an idea about what attachments you have sent to them along with this e-mail.
At the end of the e-mail, the appropriate salutation should be written in order to end the e-mail in a good manner.

What to write in an e-mail while sending a resume to the recruiter?

You write an e-mail to the employer for two main reasons :
 If you want to apply for a job  or :
 If you want to do an inquiry about current job openings or opportunities to enter into the organization
While writing e-mail to your employer it must contain some points such as starting with name of the employer, job title of the employer, organization name, organizations address,  opening greeting also the date of e-mail, firstly e-mail should start with introductory paragraph which will contain the reference of advertisement, date of advertisement through which you come to know that there is vacancy in this organization then second paragraph which will include your personal traits or your past achievements if any, third paragraph should be written to express feeling of thankfulness towards the employer if they give you opportunity to work with the organization and later you should mention about what documents you have attached with your e-mail and finally end of the e-mail should be done by writing appropriate salutations.

What is the best time to send a resume e-mail?

This question arises because an employer is not going to receive your e-mail only, the employer receives a large amount of resume in their mailbox and this question needs to be answered in order to answer the question i.e. how do we get our resume noticed by our employer? As the employer receives a large amount of resume it is the possibility that your resume might not be seen by the employer. 
Companies go through the job application e-mails differently or at different times but it is a quite obvious fact that large number of recruiters are planning their recruitment process in between 8 Am and 10 PM and in between this time they determine the applicants to whom they are going to call for interview but we have to understand the fact that there is no standard time is decided by any company in order to check the job application resumes some employers might check the job application resumes at morning, some may check at evening or it possible that some might check at the night.
Nowadays for a screening of the resumes companies are using systems that automatically go through all the resumes and match the received e-mails with the skills specified by the employer to do a particular job. This action of the machine is done by setting some keywords and through this system activity employers in very less time can select the resumes which are required by their company.

Review your write up before emailing a resume.

Before sending an e-mail to an employer you can check whether all the attachments are working properly by sending an e-mail to yourself first through test e-mail. You can download the file from test e-mail so as to make sure that it is correct file and you have to double-check the e-mail so as to check whether spellings are correct or to check whether grammar is correct and to check your formatting of the e-mail.

Some tips to follow while e-mailing you resume to your recruiter :

Maybe you shortlisted or resume rejected for an interview based on your e-mail your job application? you have taken good efforts to prepare a resume and practice the continuously asked interview questions, you don’t want to lose the good opportunity just because your e-mail did not look appropriate, would you?
So we can follow some easy and systematic tips to follow while sending your resume via email to an employer so that you do not lose a good opportunity for an interview because of some error in your e-mail. So the tips are as follows:

  • Follow company instructions 

It is quite an obvious fact that the mindset of different employers will be different and so their instructions will be. So you have to choose your e-mail cover letter as per the guidelines of the employer i.e. One employer might prefer a cover letter in the body of your e-mail and others may prefer a cover letter in attachment format. Attach your cover letter to e-mail if only when specified by the company as because some companies have the system that they automatically block the e-mails with an attachment so as to prevent the viruses
So that you have to follow the instructions of the employer otherwise your resume might not be considered.

  • Save your file correctly

You just have to save your file as .doc or .pdf so as to preserve the original appearance of your cover letter. To make it easier to hire an employer you can save the file name as first name-last name-name-of-cover-letter.

  • Include a brief e-mail message

Never leave the e-mail message blank because it can confuse the employer and it can have an adverse effect on your chances of getting your resume considered for the further recruitment process.
In the e-mail, you have to simply address the employer and have to informative lines such as Please see my attached resume and cover letter for the post of ( Designation )


We are in the 21st century where most of the communication part between employer and employee is done over the e-mail unlike the traditional methods of letters and applications. So writing an e-mail to your employer gives you the golden opportunity for you to demonstrate your communication skills and abilities to your employer. Communicating in a proper manner with an employer is of utmost importance as it can make a positive or negative impact on your personality on the employer or hiring manager.
So it becomes your responsibility to learn some effective communication skills for workplace and manners to communicate digitally with your employer.

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