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How to avoid common mistakes while creating a resume.

We all know our Resume makes a first impression on hiring executives which is the first of landing our dream job. Therefore it’s really necessary to make your resume unique and attention-grabbing. Do you know, your single mistake can drop your chance of getting your dream job? Or your one Resume mistake may regret you in the future?

Here, you will see below guide details:

In this article, we are going to talk about Resume mistakes to avoid! Let’s Go!

What are the most common resume mistakes?

So let's start first! Below are some common resume mistakes and that's all you should know.

  • One mistake that we commonly make is using the Same Resume for every Job Application. Before using any resume, we should know that every job needs different skills, experience, accomplishments, certifications, and knowledge in various Sectors.
  • Generally, on a resume, grammatical and spelling errors are also seen as mistakes. This small error would reduce your chances of being selected for the next round of interviews to land your dream job.
  • Not preparing a Resume with the necessary use of job descriptions and keywords.
  • The next common mistake is to use unspecified symbols on a resume or Wrangler language font text size on a resume.
  • This is not good for readers when we keep long details of our resume very exaggerated, and such common mistakes are often made by candidates. Writing Irreverent information on the resume makes a bad impression.
  • Due to incorrect personal information or the not adding of contact information is a mistake on resume documents.
  • Usually, candidates use an unprofessional email address on their resume, which is a big mistake on their résumé.
  • Not using professional standard font size, style, and proper layout of resume templates.
  • It is a common mistake not to add a professional social profile /portfolio because nowadays the employer does a lot of focus on such activities.

Resume mistakes and how to avoid them

Now it’s time to talk about how to avoid resume mistakes. So please go through below resume tips below:


  • If you are using a simple resume template is also a mistake. Start making your job application with the professional resume format. Making use of a chronological resume, functional resume, and combination resume format is an excellent option for you.
  • Another mistake is the use of a similar resume for various job applications. To avoid these we have to summarize your experience and achievements to include the most relevant information so that employers can consume more relevant information about you.
  • It is also a mistake to use the same keywords repeatedly. Please do not mention the same ATS-friendly keywords, always use them to cover all different keywords based on the job description.
  • It is a mistake to keep irrelevant information on your resume. If possible, add related information based on your job description.
  • To avoid grammatical and spelling errors, before sending your resume, you should undergo several rounds of proofreading to ensure no spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Writing a large paragraph about responsibilities is not a good way. Employers have a minimal amount of time to review your resume, so let the resume be readable with a professional font.
  • The most common mistake that majorly candidates make is using an unprofessional email address. You should remember in your personal information your email address is the essential contact information that your CV should include. Hence we need to write a personal email address (active email address).
  • You should remember, that putting the wrong date on a resume is also a mistake. Always, write appropriate work duration dates on your resume.


What a bad resume looks like

Our resume is a very important document that helps you to catch the attention of the employer at the time of the interview. In short words, your resume documents express your biography.

Below we are going to talk about 5 resume mistakes, that show that your resume looks bad:  

  1. If you feel that your resume is wrong to read then it is a sign of a bad resume. As we know, the hiring manager takes only a few minutes to read any resume. So make your resume very clear. Always take care not to mention only your skills, experience, and strengths.
  2. Sometimes we see most of the resumes have an undefined arrangement, bad special symbol points, have a small font, or have out-of-date resume sections. Hence, you should use a basic, clean font like Arial or Times New Roman. We need to keep 10-12 font points. Finally, select a specialized resume template that will help make your resume appear more professional.
  3. Using simple means in other words you can say general, unprofessional basic, common, casual resume templates make your resume bad-looking. So always first you need to decide on the professional resume format that would help you to describe your main responsibilities and the skills you demonstrated in your previous jobs, such as project management, strategic planning, or team building.
  4. Another thing that spoils your resume is unnecessary overconfidence and lack of true enthusiasm or interest. Therefore try to include professionally relevant hobbies that will demonstrate previous work experience section should contain specific information about your employment history. Include those keywords in your professional resume where relevant.
  5. Adding too many junk words spoils your resume. A resume that uses indistinguishable words or phrases indicates a lack of special abilities and distinct qualities. Do not state more professional achievements.


How long should a resume be?

Everyone has a question: how long should a resume be? Each one will give you an answer according to them. But I think our resume is supposed to be as short and snappy as feasible and even put into words your value. Candidates having less than 5 years of experience should have a one-page resume.


In this context, for much more thrilling information, you may read our already-written article - How long should a resume be? Ideal resume format


We hope this article will give you an idea about the resume mistakes we generally make and help you to avoid those mistakes. For more information, you may just go for resume mistakes examples or mistakes on resume background check on references, and you will get results for it. The above important discussion would help you to know the bad resume examples on your resume.




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