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Complete Guide about Telephonic Interview Questions and Tips

Complete Guide About Telephonic Interview Questions and Tips

A telephonic interview is the one type of interview for the job. The telephonic interview is the initial stage of the interview selection process. There are lots of companies that start the interview process with a telephone or phone call. Telephone interviews usually occur throughout the first stages of the duty interview method. Some recruiters can use them as a technique of shortlisting; others as a chance to be told additional regarding the candidates who are applying to figure out for them. An interview is commonly an efficient means for an organization to screen several candidates quickly and cost-effectively, while not having to speculate a constant level of your time and resources required for face-to-face interviews. Telephone interviews (and more and more, Skype interviews) are sometimes simple since the aim is to eliminate weaker candidates, instead of to check stronger one's candidates. Often, all recruiters are trying to find could be calm, assured to be telephone manner associate degreed an intelligent set of responses to common interview questions.
In some occupations, phone communication is a very important responsibility. during this state of affairs, the recruiter is evaluating however well you'll be able to gift yourself, convey messages and find your purpose across clearly and briefly. The queries that you simply are asked at this primary stage are possible to incorporate your motivations for applying, your career aspirations and to check if you had been a decent suitable the corporate world. They are additionally a chance for you to raise any initial questions on the duty or the organization. Your aim is to convey enthusiasm and commitment in a very short oral communication.

What is a telephonic interview?

The term phone interview is employed to explain away that's typically utilized by a hiring manager, or an individual's resources person, to screen potential job candidates. Since the interview is control over the telephone, it's less formal, and trying, than ancient face-to-face interviews.
The phone interviews area unit usually organized by a member of the hiring company's human resources department or the hiring manager. The questioner and job somebody can comply with a reciprocally convenient time for the decision, making certain there aren't any interruptions throughout the interview. Being asked to participate in a very phone interview could be a positive sign since it always suggests that the work somebody has passed the initial resume screening method. If the hiring manager, or human resources person, is happy with the applicant's responses to their queries throughout the phone interview, they'll unremarkably organize for a follow-up, in-person, interview throughout that very same decision.

How to attend the telephonic interview?

There are some tips for how to attend a telephonic interview successfully, Do not switch off your phone because at any time the hiring manager calls you for the first telephonic round of interview. If your phone is switched off then the hiring manager gets disappointed from you so always keep your phone on the ring or on vibrate mode.
Attend the telephonic interview in a silent and private room with a good network for your mobile so you can listen and figure out their interview questions and give those answers very leniently and silently.
Always get your all documents ready for the telephonic interview so if they ask some important documents or any details about education and some other important documents so you will always be ready with your all-important documents.
Respond to their questions answer within the fraction of some seconds, do not take very much time for the giving answers. And the hiring managers avoid long stories so they give answers in very short lines or try to give the answer in one sentence. While attending telephonic interviews always avoid some words like ‘YES’, ‘NO’, ‘YAA’ and ‘HMM’. And always keep your voice clear, louder and no confusion.

How to prepare for the telephonic interview?

Even highly qualified candidates or capable candidates also fail in the telephonic round of interview because they are not well prepared for a telephonic interview or do not have professional manners for handling the telephonic interview.
Practice, research and plan it’s major factors for preparing the telephonic interviews. Here we discussed those factors when you preparing for the telephonic interview, The practice is beneficial, particularly if you haven't worked in a workplace or used a telephone to talk with purchasers in previous jobs. If you can, strive to obtain friends or relations to decision you and raise interview queries. It’s vital to search out out the maximum amount as you probably will a couple of company, and employment roles, before any kind of interview; an interview isn't any exception. we could receive some information from your prospective leader, however, check that you furthermore may visit their web site, contestant websites, scan relevant trade press, and sustain so far with current industry-specific business awareness problems. Research the scale of a corporation, its structure, its merchandise and services, its markets, competitors and future plans. 
Plan for potential queries you'll be asked before your interview. Contemplate answers you will provide, together with sensible expertise examples for competency-based queries. Also, pay time thinking up queries you'd prefer to raise your inquirer. Asking your own queries shows you're curious about the corporate and job role.

Avoid following mistakes during the telephonic interview

Some candidates fail in the telephonic interview because they do some mistakes in the first telephonic round of interview because of poor or less preparation so some major and minor mistakes are discussed below while telephonic interviews. 

  • Not prepared for the interview: this very common mistake the candidates do. They are not prepared for the interview so this is a major mistake so please avoid such types of mistakes.
  • Not being confident while giving a telephonic interview: some candidates are not confident while telephonic interview process. So be confident when giving the telephonic interview.
  • Not listing to the interviewer properly: when giving the telephonic interview so listen properly what the human resource manager asks you and then give the proper answer or reply to the hiring manager. So listen properly and then give your answer.
  • Not knowing when to get keep quite: There are some candidates who don’t know when to get keep quite while telephonic interviews started. So be quiet when the hiring manager asks some things to you.
  • Not having note pads in hand: some candidates just give the random interviews. Not well prepared and do not take notes while the interview is done. So always be with a notepad and write down what is very important which is hiring manager says.
  • Not preparing with your responses: candidates do this mistake while giving the telephonic interview. Be prepare with your response, what you won't say, what question you have to ask to the hiring manager like this questions note down and be prepared for the interview.

Simple Telephonic interview questions and answers

Some sample questions and answers are as follows:

Question 1: Tell me about yourself?

Sample answer: “I graduated 5 years ago with a degree in Chemistry. I took employment with Pfizer and was promoted when 3 years to steer comes in their cancer analysis division. I’ve been during this Project Manager role for 2 years currently and even won a gift for outstanding leadership this past year. Everything’s going nice, however, I’d wish to take my career to a successive level by finding opportunities to steer larger groups. I saw on your description that you just mention this is often a chance to steer groups of 8-10 individuals, thus I used to be desirous to learn a lot of.”

Question 2: Why are you searching for a job?

Sample answer: “I won't explore my career in the professional arena, therefore, I’m looking for some opportunities to grab. I’m hoping to seek out an edge that may let me still build my skills as a client service supervisor. I’m significantly wanting to remain within the computer code business, that is one reason this job excited me.”

Question 3: How did you find out about this job?

Sample answer: “I was searching for new opportunities in this profile jobs wherein I can use my skills and capabilities to use for, and especially was trying to find a foothold that might permit to try to nothing. I found your description and it perceived to work tons of what I’m trying to find, therefore I made a decision to use. I additionally did some analysis on your company overall and it appears like a good work setting to be a district of as a result of nothing.”

Question 4: What do you know about our company?

Sample answer: “I have gone through about your profile and are one amongst the highest device makers within India. I did some reading on your web site. I conjointly did some reading on your company culture and it appears like you are doing loads to support the event of your workers, and find concerned in community service too. That’s one thing I care loads regarding associate degreed one thing that draws me to a leader.”

Question 5: What about this position that interested you?

Sample answer: ” one of the main reasons in searching for my job search. is my overall skills and education, knowledge is matching for this post. As a salesperson, I have worked directly with the customers. So this position is valuable for me”.

Question 6: How have your interviews been going?

Sample answer: “It’s going well to this point. I’m simply setting out to take phone interviews, and I’m still terribly early in my job search. I expect to own some face-to-face interviews presently.”

Question 7: What are your salary expectations?

Sample answer:” As I am a fresher there are not many salary expectations from my side since looking for a good exposure  So whatever the company norms and market value or the relevant cost for this position I am happy with it.” [ How to negotiate for salary]

Question 8: do you have any questions to ask for?

Sample answer: Remember to ask some questions like a when soon I can join your company or  What is the shift timing etc.”


Telephonic interview is very important, this is the first step for the hiring process so be confident while giving the telephonic interview. Be prepared for all things which are discussed above and get succeed in the future. This one is the very starting point. Every candidate knows all about the telephonic interview.

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