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The Worlds Highest paying 10 jobs

Do You Know, the Highest Paying Jobs in World?

It's not everyone but lots of people want to earn money. Well, of course, we do particularly in the job industry unless you were born with a silver spoon. You know, 70 to 80% of people consider salary compensation is a top priority in choosing a job. Most of us seeking a job that is creative, rewarding and challenging and a few are looking differently for the highest paid jobs in the world. To get such a job is a life dream for most people and it requires in-depth knowledge, qualifications from good institutes around the world and requires years of work to master in that.

10) Senior front-end web developer

Nowadays web development is making a lot of people and a lot of money, this industry is absolutely huge these days, with the rise of Make in India, Silicon Valley and many startups around the globe. As social media growing fast for business utilities people started having a website for small and medium kinds of businesses. 

This is cool for web developers in every country and they got recognition for highly paid salaries and it's not any secret that the tech industry offers some of the best paying jobs in web development as increasing demand for all kinds of businesses. To become fully a Front-end web developer you should have the knowledge about front-end technology                                               

  • HTML, Javascript and CSS
  • Angular, React, Ember, Jquery
  • API design and development
  • Database-MySQL, Oracle
  • Python, PHP, Java, Ruby

And you need to be fluent in coding and this is an evergreen profession which pays you really mad money. For a senior front-end web developer, you should have experience of four to six years, this is something that is quite important as every Tech company expects to have good knowledge of programming skills. And it takes some time to master all of them, now senior front-end web developer is making on an average $100,000 per year around the world.

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9) Upstream oil and natural gas workers

Now we have here oil and natural gas workers and you know already! Working with oil is working with liquid gold. These jobs are not very popular in every country, it's pretty difficult, manual and physically demanding, also involves working in a long away or remote places in every country.

Upstream oil and natural gas workers the surrounding world and they work in shift patterns and in some countries, it requires very low qualification and most companies need a high school, degree, diploma in mechanics, welding and basic however it would be good to have geologist and marine engineering courses for a higher payment.

And skills for this oil rig workers are experienced in maintaining heavy lifting machinery and don't need a Ph.D. to do this work, upstream oil and natural gas workers are earning on an average $100,000 around the world but it is a little dangerous and high level of risk to working and you need to pass drug test regularly.

8) Dentist

Now the third one is a Dentist, Dentistry is an honored profession on time to time. You know, we need a good dentist to keep our teeth healthy and white. Be a dentist you need to train many years and you need to get a bachelor's degree after completion of your twelfth in India and it would be good if you have a Ph.D. and various certificates. In Spain, the average salary of a dentist is $175,000 per year but in India not that if you compare, the salary will differ from country to country and on an average worldwide a dentist earns $100,000 per year. 

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7) Law professionals 

Now we have lawyers here, you know, lawyers are earning crazy money around the world and in India, a successful lawyer is one who has a good client base and a good record of wins in his experience. To become a successful lawyer, you should have working experience as a junior for 6-7 years under a good lawyer who has good understandings of law.

On average, a lawyer earns $110,000 per year but it changes from country to country. There are many laws such as Criminal law, Labour law, Property law, International law, Federal law and many and you need to specialize in what you have the interest to learn and earn. And the payments here for a lawyer slightly different but that was an average of all countries and to be a lawyer you need to graduate from law school and it takes some period to become fully qualified.

6) Brokers 

Hey! We are talking here stockbrokers, a real estate broker, exchange dealers, insurance brokers, investment people, traders, shipping on an average they make around $128,231 per year. A  minimum qualification you required to be a broker is a college degree or a wealth management qualification. 

Well, remember the movie The Wolf Of The Wall Street and Leonardo is a broker in that movie but guys, actually it doesn't look in reality as they showed, there are some high risks also in brokers work with the stressful timings but if you manage everything properly you can earn that crazy money but it needs a lot of experience.

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5) Airline Pilots

So high flying jobs with high flying money will look crazy right. Won't it? but you need to do a flying school program before you get a flying license.  well, but there are many risks involved in applying for the job and you have to go through rigorous tests, security test and many tests that you need to pass experienced pilots earn on an average $165,278 per annum but it varies from airline to airline because a few pay a very mad amount. And this option for your career is good if have the interest to fly and earn while flying.

4) Obstetrician and gynecologist

Obstetrician and gynecologist are special Doctors who deal with the care of pregnant women, unborn baby, and concerning the reproductive organs uterus, fallopian tube and Obstetrician and gynecologist can earn on an average $202,000 in a year and they are the doctors specially deal with lady parts and childbirth but in a few countries.

It is being paid very less however many private doctors are earning megabucks now. It requires fifteen years of education and practical experience, the first eight years of general medical training and then a need to specialize in this particular thing. But in India after completion of your twelfth, you required to do MBBS and then you need to specialize for this to be called Obstetrician and Gynecologist.

3) Surgeon

Now the number three we have the surgeons yes they are making crazy money around the world and the average surgeon salary is $243,977 and the neurosurgeons are earning more than this amount but it dramatically varies in the UK and in India.

Do you know?  surgeons are making a handsome salary in the US and many countries, surgeons are like having birth and death in their hands, the more skillful they are the crazy amount will be there. To become a surgeon in India you required to specialize after your medical graduation and it takes around eight or nine years with serious training. 

Obviously, being surgeon means you have to be careful when it comes to your hands to serve the treatment and in some countries, it takes 16 years to become a surgeon including four years of graduate study, four years of medical school study to become a doctor and then three to eight years of surgery residency, yes it is a big process to be a successful surgeon with strong experience.

2) Anesthetist 

At number two we have Anaesthetist. Anesthetists are the specialist doctors who provide anesthesia for operations and for their procedures they also include in pain management and intensive care. And they also work on development and delivery of anesthetics, on average they earn a whopping mad salary  $300,000 per year and that to insane sometimes, they even earn more with experience and when they deal more operations.

This is crazy right, to be an Anaesthetist but it needs a degree in biology, chemistry and in physics and then you would complete medical school for four years with four years of training and finally specializing in it but in India, you need to complete MBBS and then need to specialize for this. It seems to be a quite commitment but you can earn damn megabucks.

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1) And the number one is

So now we have reached finally the number one highly paid job in the world, guess what? You may think that an actor, actress, You tuber, and sportsperson but they are not on the list, Do you know? a very rare people make their career success with the high rate of taking risks and they do earn mad money for their efforts. 

So, coming to the number one job in which you could feasibly do and get paid a crazy load of money is The CEO of the company yes! you're reading right, so the average salary they get paid is very less across the world but their salary numbers rise very quickly than others. 

On top of that average CEO gets a bonus of $125,000 and a year profit also up to $100,000 then often commission and the reason why CEO is number one in earning is that not only the average salary they are receiving but also other crazy amounts are going to their pockets. An average CEO earns nine million dollars in the US and the number is more increasing now by 2018. 

In India, an average CEO earns twenty-five to sixty crores per annum but there are a few more jobs around the world that are earning a heck load of payments. If you are not aware of that so let's see what they are a physician in the list and earning nearly $100,000 around the world but it changes by the place and an Orthodontist also makes nearly $110,000 with savvy investments but it needs a stone experience in every industry to get such huge payments. 

So around the world, there are Engineer manager, IT system manager, Marketing Manager, Air traffic controller, Pharmacist, Senior data scientist, Aerospace engineer, Computer hardware engineer, College university professor, and an investment banker also earns crazy money than we think but the above top 10 has been taken by the average of all countries and that varies sometimes.

The reason why CEO earns more than all is CEO needs to provide a level of talent where that required to give outstanding results for the company growth and need to manage the performance of the company in a right way, most of the CEOs base salary is normal but they do earn more by bonus, incentives, and performance of the company.

So these are the highest paid jobs around the world but it doesn't mean if you make more money you'll be happy, you need to love what you're doing. ‘If your involvement is great and the great results will always happen even at the risk times.’

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