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Communication is an important factor for an interview

Communication Is an Important Factor for an Interview

Communication plays a very important role while giving a job interview. It helps in heightening your resume. It plays a very major role for anyone who wants to have a good career. We take a lot of effort over the years to educate ourselves, learn new things and gain knowledge about different things so most of us could find a good job which will help us to gain more knowledge.

While going for an interview, most of the candidates do very good research about the company, tries to mug up every interview question and answer that can he can find so that he does not face any difficulty during the interview. All these efforts count only if you have very good communication skills.

It is a very major factor as the interviewer judges you on the way you communicate and how confidently you present yourself. Good communication skills are not developed quickly within a week or a month, it needs practice over a long period of time as It cannot be mugged up.

 A candidate with good communicating skills will never hesitate while speaking his strengths and without sounding nervous no matter how critical questions he has been asked and he will never deliver the things like a mugged up the script. The good communication skills of the candidate give the interviewer the idea about the personality, attitude, and etiquette of the candidate.

The candidate should have good etiquettes with positive body language, positive hand gestures and he should be able to portray his personality in a positive manner to the interviewer which will help him in getting selected for the job.

The way the candidate speaks in front of the interviewer decides his future. If he communicates in a strong, confident and impulsive manner his chances are high to get selected for the job. Having knowledge is important but delivering it in the right manner is what matters. The way you deliver your thoughts to the interviewer matters as he has a very close watch on how you speak.

He wants to ensure if in future he hires you will you be able to work inside the office with your colleagues in a proper manner. If you become a team leader will you be able to convey your thoughts to your team members in the right way or will you hesitate? All these things are checked by the interviewer while you communicate and the candidate having good communication skills is preferred.

Being nervous is never going to help you, always be confident about whatever you say. Your communication skills play a Key and Important role while you are interviewed for a  respective job post in a company. In fact, the way you are able to communicate goes a long way in terms of boosting your credentials which you have particularly mentioned on your resume. 

Based on Current job profiles it can be safely said that commercial enterprises and the corporate Multinational companies across the globe irrespective of their sizes have unanimously focussed on one quality which they are actively looking out in their potential employees and that is “good communication skills”. So from the very point, it is very clear that you have to justify all your important degrees and professional skills with good communicative attributes while you are being interviewed for a particular job.

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Modern Era  Globalization is the main reason why so much importance is being given to communication skills. The different IT, ITES companies, Corporate Mnc, Union Public Service Commissions, Government Organization and the State Public Service Commission, etc are looking to hire smart and outgoing individuals with great communication skills besides their professional skills qualities.


Why does communication play a big role during the interview process for a particular job?

a) The modern age of globalization has sparked a number of tie-ups between companies of different nations across the Globe as this has necessitates the presence of extraordinary communication skills among workers and employees in the respective companies as any companies selling either its product or service in the market want their employees to represent their brand in a presentable format in the market for which they are looking for an exceptionally good communication skills as without Good communication skills any companies would lack their idea of presenting their work, product or service in front of its customers or the project which would ultimately result in the loss of business.

Good communication is an important skill in any working environment where human interactions are involved. However, when it comes to communication in the workplace as most importantly good communication is an integral element to business success or failure. In the workplace environment, good and effective communication isn’t just about mitigating conflict (although that is an important benefit of communicating effectively). Good communication is also considered an important factor in terms of client building relationships, profitability increasing team effectiveness and employee engagement in the company.

b) Communication is also important when it comes to conveying the information to the team members as it is considered a very important skill when the superior authority or the respective delegates are supposed to convey the Information to the subordinates or the colleague in office or company as without proper communication skills it would lead to a misinformation communication in the team which would result in lack of efficiency and performance of the employees in the organization.

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c) Establishing relationship among coworkers and office employees or the team Members requires a good communication skills as the same is considered as very important because today in the modern era there is a huge competition going on across the globe where good has to be better and better has to be best as any company in order to deliver their best in business to business model or business to customer model requires an effective and strong communication between the respective company employees as proper coordination in terms of communication removes the leakage or blockage of the discrepancy which would lead to the smooth functioning of business.

d) Good communication saves time and energy- an absolute need for industries working under strict deadlines.

e) Effective communication ensures better job performance.

f) You can turn a boring work environment into something very interesting by simply motivating your co-workers with your effective communication skills.

g) Pleasant and balanced communication skills might help you to leave a very favorable impression on the interviewer during your job interview process.

According to most of the corporates Nowadays, Communication is considered the most fundamental and one of the most important skills which any company or employer is looking out for. As candidates without proper communication skills are considered as unfit in most of the designated positions in any organization.

For explaining why communication is considered as important I would like to explain the same with examples As a microphone is made of the metal element as when electric energy surpasses through the microphone the sound is broadcasted through loudspeakers but when there is no electricity in the system nothing happens over the same.

Whether the microphone is working or not it remains nothing more than a composition of the metal. Similarly the same is considered with communication as if the said skills are missing in any candidates it would be considered nothing more than a human body who has a life force only present in it. Some corporates may consider any of the languages whereas some may prefer other but the way any candidates communicates in the organization and his effectiveness in the same is considered as  important

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